Kink is Acid King!

Wikepedia’s explanation of “Kink” is: “a twist or bend in something such as rope, cable, hair or IG curve”. This description matches metaphorically with the influences of Sofia-based Strahl Velchev, a.k.a. Kink, that he explains in his own words as “I became a music fan in a time when everything from house through to jungle, breakbeat and acid was called techno and… where you could hear the ultra-heavy “Acid Trax” was mixed with the joyful “Love Thang”. His signature Acid House sound with a modern edge received international recognition in 2010 when a series of releases at Rush Hour, Liebe*Detail, Systematic, Ovum and Sharivari Records headed playlist of leading tastemakers. Kink describes his own style as an exploration of old and new, harsh and mellow, straight and broken so stomping techno merges with bittersweet vocals. If you listen to his “Kink beat mix” of Rachel Row’s “Follow the Step”, which is by the while his girlfriend, you know what he means and this is also the reason why a lot of international DJs played it around the world in 2013. His impulsive live performances are a real pleasure for any dance floor so it’s not a surprise that he hit 3rd at Resident Advisor’s (RA) Live Act Pool 2013. Check also out Kink’s recent performance at RA Sessions series deconstructing and extending “Sources of Uncertainty”, a new track from his forthcoming debut album. Kink is Acid King!


Tolle’s 1st contact with Kink’s music in 2010

Favourite Kink production in 2013

Album Preview

Kink at RA Sessions

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