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We believe that Every Dog Has Its Day (EDHID). A perfect expression for any creative ambition and the vision of Turkey’s first electronic music magazine is to provide you an independent view on across-genre, exceptional dance music. Indeed, although deeply rooted in house and techno, EDHID’s concept is free-floated between styles. Murat Demiroglu alias Tolle founded EDHID to create a no-frills, passionate platform for modern dance music that focuses on quality rather than transient hypes.

EDHID DOGMATIC Nights are a playground to present the magazine’s like-minded, renowned artists and friends worldwide. For the kick-off we invited one of London’s finest labels Huntleys + Palmers that stands out with exciting electronic music from every angle of the world which is sweeter than any English biscuit.

Label co-founder Andrew Thomson origins are from Glasgow, a Scottish city where creativity is naturally favoured by 70% rainy weather of the time. Having established early friendships with the crew of Glasgow’s Numbers and Optimo, Thomson continued to embark on his musical vision by his own parties at which he invited artists like Pachanga Boys’ Rebolledo, Saschienne, Acid Arab for the first time to the UK and hosted album launches of the likes of Daphni, James Holden, Matias Aguayo among others. Thomson curates a weekly party at our favourite wooden dance floor in London, Plastic People, with regulars such as Andrew Weatherall’s A Love From Outer Space, Floating Points’ You Are A Melody or Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques De La Mort and many more.

The label’s freshest, breakthrough discovery is Basel-born, Swiss-Turkish Mehmet Aslan who is now based in Europe’s electronic epicentrum, Berlin. Aslan recalls how a good friend played him some Turkish psychedelic disco edits by Baris K., a type of music that he rather connected to his childhood than to the electronic club scene. After having played together with Huntleys + Palmers’ Andrew and Antie Flo, he picked up again on the idea to blend his Turkish heritage with his interest in house and techno which immediately received international accolades by the likes of Beats In Space’s Tim Sweeney, Berlin’s Acid Pauli, Paris’ Acid Arab, Robert Johnson’s founder Ata or Istanbul’s very own Baris K.

The first EDHID DOGMATIC Night is the only stop in Turkey of Huntleys + Palmer’s international release tour for Mehmet Aslan’s new EP “Mechanical Turk”. Official release date is 17th of November 2014.

This is just the beginning of EDHID’s musical vision. You are warmly welcome to join us if you feel that this message is authentic to you. Until then, enjoy Mehmet Aslan’s Cem Karaca “Raptiye Rap” edit on Huntleys + Palmers’ sublabel HIGHLIFE.


 Saturday, 22th November 2014
DJs Andrew Thomson (London), Mehmet Aslan (Berlin) and Tolle (Istanbul)
Spot MiniMüzikhol Istanbul
Door opening 23:00


Mehmet Aslan’s ‘Mix of the Day’ at Electronic Beats

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