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The dOP boys Damian Van de Sande, Clement Zemstov and Jonathan “JAW” Illel founded already their first band at the young age of 14. After years of experimentation with jazz, reggae and hip-hop, the trio manifested their electronic side at their 2010 debut album Greatest Hits that blends JAW’s soulful voice with Clement and Damian’s arrangement into a fresh, organic and smoky cocktail of groove. Expect a live performance that soaks his audience immediately with a charisma determined by spontaneity and improvisation.

Similar to Starsky and Hutch’s car chases, San Francisco Bay-born Marc Barrite alias Dave Aju’s beats make the world’s dance floors jumping for a while. Inspired by his father’s broad record collection, he practised some serious musical gymnastics in the realms of jazz and hip-hop. Attracted by San Francisco’s underground scene, he soon began to trace an arc between left field, house and electro that resulted in much-respected albums like Open Wide, Heirlooms and recently Black Frames. Dave Aju’s distinctive voice represents a remarkable ingredient of his DJ sets that succeeded already ambitious litmus test collaborations with dOP, Tiefschwarz, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts and many more. Why don’t you clink tequila glasses with the London Fabric, Berlin Panorama Bar or Paris Rex Club regular?

Mathias Duchemin alias Sety is one of Paris’ perpetuum mobiles for underground dance music. In 1999, he founded Circus Company together with Kean and Freak of Nôze and contributed significantly to the label’s blossoming over the last 15 years. As a talented DJ and curator, he holds a residency at Rex Club Paris and plays regularly Berlin’s Panorama Bar, London’s Fabric, Sao Paolo’s D-Edge and many more.

SaveAs Music presents Circus Company Club at Garaj Istanbul on 12 September 2014.

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