EDHID SHORTCUT: Philipp Grosser (DE)

EDHID’s SHORTCUT series makes a stop in Frankfurt to have a chat with young talent Philipp Grosser.


Where do you feel home?
Fulda, a city  close to Frankfurt.


When was first contact with music?
I had a strong interest to learn an instrument very early on and at the age of eight, I started to take piano lessons for five years. I abandoned piano classes later as a teenager though.


How did you discover electronic sounds?
My mum is a Kraftwerk fan and I discovered electronic music via her record collection. It actually reignited my passion for music so I started to buy records regularly and tried my first mixtapes.


Where did you start DJing?
My first gigs were around Offenbach and Frankfurt. I play more and more other cities as well and had also the chance to play GOLEM in Hamburg recently. Overall, a very nice weekend.


Do you have idols?
Police, Section25, New Order, DAF are my heroes.


How would you describe your style?
My musical spectrum ranges from classical Chicago House to more experimental techno, electro or wave.


Which medium do you use to play?
My favourite medium is still vinyl but yes I have a USB sticks as well.


Which record is your secret weapon?
It`s not a weapon, but one of my favourite House records for ever and ever. True love!


What is your personal hangover killer?
Juices and a really good meal!


What’s your day-time business?
I’m a cook and love to be in the kitchen, which is a perfect offset to music for me.


New projects planned?
I started producing recently. We will organise some events in 2015 with interesting friends and artists.


Philipp Grosser on Soundcloud


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