Tracking Imprints: Love On The Rocks


We discovered Paramida’s bittersweet imprint Love On The Rocks during a visit at OYE Berlin and fell in love with its first catalogue numbers. The Berlin-based label counts already analogue synth wizard Massimiliano Pagliara, Panorama Bar’s very own nd_baumecker, Lux’s Tiago or Live At Robert Johnson’s constant scorer Lauer amongst its fan base. Just having spread Love On The Rocks’ wings further east with the release of the Romanian duo Khidja’s Looki EP recently, we caught talented DJ and label founder Paramida for our Tracking Imprint series.


Hi! Who are behind Love On The Rocks and what are their respective musical backgrounds?
I heard that person can be very annoying…


When did you launch the label and what is its vision?
The label was launched in January 2014. The first release was by Massimiliano Pagliara. The vision hm… I think the scene gets swamped with hundreds of boring releases every week that are just boring and sound the same. In the end I think, I do what every label owner does, release the music he likes. My motto is always to ‘think big’. No limitations and everything is possible.


How would you describe the labels sound aesthetic? Should people be able to associate a certain sound with a label?
You already answered this question with mentioning disco and balearic influenced style in your next question.

Well, I have just put out four releases yet. Who knows what comes in future. But I have turned down demos and remixes, which were too masculine or sounded too harsh. I like music that is melodic, or has a strong groove. Me personally, I can’t dance to music that is too top-heavy. It always has to make me move my hips or set my heart free.

I love melodies and I definitely think that Love On The Rocks has a girlie touch, which I’m very proud of.


You had an outstanding start with releases of renowned producers like Massimiliano Pagliara, Telephones or Tiago and Phillip Lauer with remix duties. How much does this disco and Balearic-influenced style fit comfortably in Berlins house and techno scene? Do you have a favourite club to convey the message of the label via showcases?
Berlin is definitely a techno city, no doubt. But luckily I have a residency at Wilde Renate, probably the only club who fills out a certain niche with its booking and that is also the place where my label showcases and release parties happen. I also work at OYE Records, also probably the only record shop that does not only sell house and techno.

So I’m pretty lucky to have Renate and OYE to place and develop what I want to do with my label. I can attract the right people with what I’m doing and that makes the parties or happening, promotion of the releases very successful.


Catalogue number 004 comes from the Romanian duo Khidja. How did the connection evolve?
A friend had passed me some unreleased stuff and I fell in love with the Balearic tune ‘Looki’. Khidja are on fire right now and you should keep an eye on them, especially on their next release.


What is your release policy? Assuming you have to choose between vinyl quality and artwork, what would be your pick?
I do vinyl and digital. Vinyl quality is first of course, but why should I have to decide between one of these? Everything is possible!


Do you have a preferred mastering studio?
We work with Schnittstelle and are very happy with them!


How important is video, social media and the selection of the right distribution company for promoting the labels output nowadays?
It absolutely depends on what your aim and goal as a label is. I’ve never been understatement and nothing that I do is ‘understatement’. I could have also put out records without any artwork, strictly-limited and no digital. But that’s not what I want to do. But there are of course labels that work exactly that way and are very successful.


Whats next for Love On The Rocks?
I’m working on a few releases for this year, some EPs and the first album on Love On The Rocks right now. Upcoming artists include Fantastic Man, Jamie Blanco and Selvy – a young producer from Poland with release coming soon on Transatlantyk – as well continuing to work with top remixers of the likes of Cosmo Vitelli and Jacques Renault. Also, there will be an edit sub label of Love On The Rocks and some secret projects, I cant talk about yet. But in general, I can say that most things on Love On The Rocks happen totally unexpected. And everything I plan, turns out differently in the end.


Khidja’s Looki EP is out through Love On The Rocks since January 19th, 2015.


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