EDHID DOGMATIC Nights at MiniMüzikhol


After having welcomed outstanding guests from London, Berlin and Munich recently, we think it’s time to establish a midweek event that is not about names but rather quality. The idea behind is to create an environment, at which like-minded people can exchange ideas, have a drink and dance together to consciously-selected quality music ranging from ambient to dub techno. On this occasion, we have invited Clunkmunk and EDNZ for our first edition.

We follow the duo Clunkmunk for a while and see an interesting development in their style. Their new mix CM06 is an almost three hour journey between melancholic melodies and light drum patterns that move your dancing feet with surprising ease if you are as passionate as we are about this time-offsetting style that is mastered by Acid Pauli, Nu, Damian Lazarus amongst others and gained institutions like bar25, kater their international fame.

After having spent a long time in Canada’s Toronto, EDNZ returned to his native soil in 2013 and is a constant member of Istanbul’s very own Dinamo FM DJ crew. The audio engineer hosts his own radio show Underground Continuum with a broad spectrum covering uplifting, stripped-down house as well as dub-heavy techno. We heard that he’s quite busy in the studio now, so we are curious for his imminent release pipeline.

You are more than welcomed to join us at our favourite Istanbul dance floor if you feel that this message is authentic to you.



Date: Thursday, 5th March 2015
DJs: Clunkmunk and EDNZ
Location: Club MiniMüzikhol
Door opens: 23:00


Clunkmunk on Soundcloud


EDNZ on Soundcloud



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