Serhan Aydemir alias Memos is another safe shot with whom we are sharing Wednesday nights at Istanbul’s finest Dinamo FM. His disco-infused, jazzy, grooving style sets New York-based jazz club Nublu on fire regularly. Enjoy the launch of our New York-Istanbul-Axis!


Where do you feel home?
New York is my home. I feel home here.


When was your first contact with music?
It actually goes back to my childhood but I can say that it professionally started with the radio programme that I was hosting in 1995.


Which was your first record bought and what memories do you associate with it?
It was RUN DMC’s Raising Hell album, which has come out in 1987, if I’m not mistaken. I remember myself trying hard to get that dance right, man (smiling).


Do you collect vinyl? If yes, which is your favourite record store?
Yes, I do my best. I go check out record fairs ‘cause you can’t believe the gems you find in fairs sometimes. There’s Halcyon and Rough Trade in Brooklyn that are my favourite spots. I also love Turntable Lab but if I have to shop online, Juno and Discogs are the places to go.


What brought you to do DJing?
Well, I guess it’s not very surprising for someone hosted a radio show when he was 15, turning into a DJ in the future (smiling). Those ages are the times when we develop certain interests.


When and what was your first mix?
I used to do mixtapes for my friends in 1990s.


How would you describe your style?
I’d like to say I’m wandering in between genres. The foundation is house and techno but I prefer raw and groovy tracks most of the time.


Which medium do you use to play?
Both CD and vinyl.


What are your favourite spots to play?
Every venue that has a good sound system plus a good crowd that could get the music that I’m playing is my favourite.


Which record is your secret weapon?
It depends. These days, though, I’m getting great reactions whenever I play ‘Sandwiches’ from Detroit Grand Pubahs.


What is the best and what is worst thing about DJing?
The best and worst part of being a DJ is audience. There’s nothing else like a good audience who gets and enjoys your music. Also, there’s another kind of audience that doesn’t have much interest for your music but is only interested in asking weird questions and making irrelevant requests.


What is your personal hangover killer?
Alka Seltzer right before sleep. Texas Burger and a soda after sleep (smiling).


Which art comes second for you after music?
Visual art.


What comes in your mind when thinking of Istanbul?
I haven’t been to Istanbul for a long time. I’m sure it has changed a lot so it just reminds me of my friends and good memories.


What can we expect next?
Soul Revue. You’ll be hearing this a lot in the near future. We’ve started this as a party concept and a radio show with my good friend Orkun Bozdemir 10 years ago in Istanbul. Right now we’re working on to turn it into a New York and Istanbul based record label.


Tune in Memos’ radio show every Wednesday at 9PM (GMT+2) on Dinamo FM.


Memos on Soundcloud



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