Hivern Discs at Primavera Soundsystem

Taking place since 2001, Primavera Sound offers an unique selection of artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Neil Young, Portishead, Pet Shop Boys, My Bloody Valentine, James Blake, Public Enemy, Franz Ferdinand, The White Stripes, LCD Soundsystem, PJ Harvey, De La Soul and many others. The success of the festival’s concept over ten years in a row resulted in the debut of Primavera Sound in the picturesque Portuguese city of Oporto in 2012.

Among the festival’s excellent and varying stages and tents, the “Bower & Wilkens + Boiler Room” stage stands out with a mammoth sounds system ready to be utilised by well-chosen DJs as well as 360 degrees projections for a memorable musical journey. Boiler Room TV enables you to participate from everywhere around the world by broadcasting selective slots.

On 31 May 2014, Barcelona’s finest label Hivern Discs will showcase its multi-faceted talent pool with Dani R. Baughman, New Jackson (live), Marc Piñol, Genius of Time (live) and many more. Be ready, this will be massive.

Tune in here: Bower & Wilkins + Boiler Room presents Primavera Soundsystem

Dani Baughman (Barcelona/Berlin)

New Jackson (Dublin)

Marc Piñol (Barcelona)

Genius of Time (Berlin)


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