Roman Flügel’s new album “Happiness Is Happening”


“Save me because I am lonely

I thought your were happy” 

Roman Flügel dropped jazzy, percussive facets from his Dial debut album Fatty Folders in 2011 with a darker guitar-loaded sound spectrum. “Connecting the Ghost” celebrates indie influences right at the beginning while “Friendship Song” is creating a post-Kraftwerk atmosphere with a mind-blowing climax that could only be topped if Dave Gahan would turn the corner.

“Stuffy” and “Tense Times” sound like the result of a surreal telepathy between Flügel and The Asphodells (Andrew Weatherall and Timothy Fairplay) resulting in an equilibrium of forces without a winner except the outcome. Grating, aggressive claps at “Parade” whip the listener to the intro of “We Have A Nice Life” standing out with its intro that explodes with an acid drum programming and eventually taking off with techno at “Occult Levitation”.

Roman Flügel’s Happiness Is Happening offers a private Transrapid to happiness.



01. Connecting The Ghost
02. Friendship Song
03. Stuffy
04. Your War Is Over
05. Wilkie
06. Tense Times
07. Parade
08. We Have A Nice Life
09. Occult Levitation
10. All That Matters

Release date
01 September 2014 through Dial Records.





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