Wareika playing Wake Up Call


Henrik Raabe, Jakob Seidensticker and Florian Schirmacher alias Wareika celebrate an electronic hybrid of house, minimal, jazz and dub with their live performances.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can expect another uptempo, electronic jazz band playing but rather a trio who knows very well to kick butts as well. Raabe und Seidensticker established already in the early ‘00s their rum-dipped The Havana Boys project with punchy tech house productions that led to smoke-filled dance floors at Hamburg’s Mojo club like a Cuban cigar does in any closed place. Schirmacher as the third member of Wareika caused as well serious minimal anthem alerts like his collaboration with Guido Schneider and André Galluzzi for the ‘Albertino and Nora P’ EP on Swiss Chilean Luciano’s Cadenza Records in 2007.

I remember how the single ‘Ascending/Descending’ and ‘Barracuda’ of Wareika’s second long player Formation was on heavy rotation on my decks in 2010.

Let’s have a Wternal Warty with Wareika at Wake Up Call on the 8th November 2014.


Wareika Formation Album (Tartelet Records)


Wareika ‘La Paloma’ (Acid Pauli Remix)


Wareika ‘King’s Child’ (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)


Wareika ‘Harmonie Park’


Wareika Soundcloud


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