We are a big fans of Yek’s Detroit-influenced Beat Unity radio show (every Wednesday, 10PM (GMT+2)) at Istanbul’s finest Dinamo FM, so it’s time for an EDHID SHORTCUT. Enjoy!


Where do you feel home?
Aalborg, Denmark.


When was your first contact with music?
I must have been 4 years old. I remember visiting my parents’ good friends who had the coolest Marantz stereo system with valves on it. I remember that it really impressed me.


Which was your first record bought and what memories do you associate with it?
First record… It was a ’97 dated tribal techno record, which was really dope! Can’t remember the name of it, though. Unfortunately, not on the record shelf anymore. It had naked tribal people pictures on it. I spent a year to learn how to mix it properly. The percussions, the beats built on it were not for someone who was totally new to the Technics.


Do you collect vinyl? If yes, which is your favourite record store?
Yes, I do collect vinyl. Not strictly but I enjoy buying records. My favourite store… I would say Black Light Records in Aarhus. There is also this dusty record store in Aalborg where they sell really good second-hand jazz records. As for online stores, I would say Piccadilly, Juno, Rush Hour and Hardwax.


What brought you to do DJing?
My alter ego (smiling).


When and what was your first mix?
In my bedroom, where I had two pioneer Discman without pitch controls connected to a cheap mixer and I was recording my sets to a cassette. Good old days (smiling).


How would you describe your style?
I travel among the genres of Detroit house, groove building, jazzy overlapped tunes and smoky deep tunes. I love dropping disco-rooted house as well (smiling).


Which medium do you use to play?
Vinyl, CD’s, USB, laptop.


What are your favourite spots to play?
A spot where people appreciate the music and respect the DJ and fill the dance floor with some heat. Am I asking too much?


Which record is your secret weapon?
Can’t really say it’s a secret weapon but I try to drop Kevin Yost’s butter smooth ‘Stronger Love’ track in my live sets.


Ben Sun’s ‘You Should Know Better’ is one of my favourite too (smiling).


What is the best and what is worst thing about DJing?
Being able to share good moments — not being able to share good moments (smiling).


What is your personal hangover killer?
Tea, National Geographic and a grandpa nap.


Which art comes second for you after music?
Photography and the art of eating (smiling).


What comes in your mind when thinking of Istanbul?
Chaos! And against all odds, this city is still beautiful.


What can we expect next?
Not much. I am continuing my radio show on Dinamo.fm. As for the radio show, I have some exciting guest mixes coming up.


Yek on Soundcloud


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