Traffic Istanbul

Istanbul, a vibrant city located on two continents and burdened by a car boom that is boosted via credit floods, can be as frustrating as it is beautiful if you are stuck in its infamous traffic. Referring to this mental mood, we decided to launch our MUSIC FOR TRAFFIC series, at which we ask locals about their musical selection to make the best of it during this wasted time. Our first guest is Clunkmunk that also plays our DOGMATIC NIGHT at MiniMuzikhol on 5th March 2015.


I. Mikesch Munkel & Jan Paul ‘Empty City’ (Original Mix)

As the track name implies, its sound creates an ambience of emptiness.


II.Vid ‘Camelie’

Its structure draws a comfortable path taking the tension away with a continuous melody.


III. Mooryc ‘Dive’ (Thom Monn’s Into The Blue mix)

Mooryc is a kind of spiritual phenomenon and this track gives a light sense of relief.


IV. Canson ‘Good Morning’

V. Pattern Drama feat. Candida ‘Girar O Mundo’

If its gonna take a long time on the road, these two makes the time go by easier.


Clunkmunk plays EDHID DOGMATIC Nights at MiniMüzikhol on 5th March 2015.


Clunkmunk on Soundcloud


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