Beatz – Divergences and Contradictions of Electronic Music


What is the best way to return from a hiatus? DJing since the early ‘90s, Eduardo de la Calle would respond with launching two vinyl-only labels (Analog Solutions and Suprawax) and a documentary project. Without any budget, de la Calle and his manager thought of contributing something new to the scene by interviewing international renowned artists, promoters, venues, shop owners, magazines, festivals and managers in an informal atmosphere.

Well, a lot of interviews and documentaries are already available so what is the value-add of Beatz? Foremost, the constellation “artist interviewing artist” stands out. Having a longstanding DJ questioning themes that he experienced from an artist view and being able to contribute a valuable insight seems to be a favourable starting point for a rich conversation. Hence, it doesn’t surprise that interviews initially scheduled for 15 minutes with Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Blake Baxter, Luciano and many more overrun to hour long conversations most of the time.

“Beatz – Divergences & Contradictions of Electronic Music” is 73 minutes of innovate artists describing their experience of the musical movement of house and techno.




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