EDHID SHORTCUT: Timnah Sommerfeldt (CH)


The Swiss city Basel may not pop up immediately on your short list when thinking of electronic music scenes but people like Timnah Sommerfeldt are driving forces that maintain the local movement with a clear vision. Standing behind the decks since a decade, Timnah plays regularly quality spots with her enchanting groove and hosts her monthly broadcast series Home that already welcomed renowned artists like Eli Verveine, Ethyl and Baaz amongst many others. Her debut release ‘Feel Me Up’ on Chez Damier’s Balance Alliance was not available on prescription but initiated excellent contributions to various compilations and makes us confident that there is more to come. Enjoy!


Where do you feel home?
In my city, Basel.


When was your first contact with music?
Music was omnipresent in my family, already at a young age!


Which was your first record bought and what memories do you associate with it?

Deadbeat Wild Life Documentaries 

I played the track ‘Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues’ at the beautiful Bewitchment festival in a summer, which was also one of my first public gigs. I will never forget this.


Do you collect vinyl? Which is your favourite record store?
Yes, I do. i like a lot of store’s. In Basel I go to Plattfon, a really nice record and book store.


What brought you to do DJing?
My brother.


When and what was your first mix?
I think this was a dub mix in 2003/4. I lost this recording… very sad.


How would you describe your style?
That’s very difficult to describe, I like a lot of styles and i think it depends on my mood!


Which medium do you use to play?


What are your favourite spots to play?
There are many places. However, Hinterhof in Basel and Robert Johnson in Offenbach are special for me.


Which record is your secret weapon?
I can’t tell you.


What is the best and what is worst thing about DJing?
The best: playing records, people having fun and dance
The worst: probably a bad sound system and broken needles.


What is your personal hangover killer?
Much sleep and fresh air.


Which art comes second for you after music?
Painting and photography.


What comes in your mind when thinking of Istanbul?
Lovely city, I want to go again.


What can we expect next?
More music.


Timnah Sommerfeldt on Soundcloud


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