You don’t see Tolga Duyan playing that often but the few occasions convinced us that he’s a right candidate for our SHORTCUT series. Enjoy!


Where do you feel home?
Everywhere I feel peace and love.


When was your first contact with music?
I was 3 years old and I remember singing one of Erol Evgin’s songs by heart (smiling).


Which was your first record bought and what memories do you associate with it?
I think my first record was ‘Bleach’ by Nirvana and I still love it. Only thinking about it gives me a rush.


Do you collect vinyl? If yes, which is your favourite record store?
Yes, I do. I usually buy vinyl via online stores like Juno and sometimes on decks.de or Discogs.


What brought you to do DJing?
I was already playing instruments with some bands and I was collecting records for a long time. At some point, I wanted to share them with other people.


When and what was your first mix?
I can’t tell you exactly, but it was around the late ’80s and surely I used cassettes for it.


How would you describe your style?
Let’s say ‘freestyle’. Sometimes deep but I prefer to be groovy and jazzy all the time.


Which medium do you use to play?
I prefer vinyl over everything else. But if the venue does not have turntables, I play digital copies on USBs. I don’t like to see laptops in the DJ booth and hate CDs!


What are your favourite spots to play?
I like playing at venues where music talks. To name a few: Suma Beach, Wake Up Call, 1888(Izmir).


Which record is your secret weapon?
Haha. Good try!


What is the best and what is worst thing about DJing?
The best thing is that people enjoy that you share your music. And the worst thing is some of them don’t even bother about the music. They make you feel like they’ll have fun no matter what music you give them.


What is your personal hangover killer?
Sex! (Haha, Of course not.) Sleep and then a good meal.


Which art comes second for you after music?


What comes in your mind when thinking of Istanbul?
Everyday to be surprised!


What can we expect next?
Obviously, I’ll keep on DJing. I also have plans to go back to acoustic music and playing an instrument with a band or solo.


Tolga Duyan on Soundcloud


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